20 Inspiring Reasons To Visit Africa

Most of us love to travel and see what the World looks like for ourselves. We are inspired to visit various places through word of mouth, advertising or some other way. Regardless of what motivates us to visit Countries all over the World, it is an experience to remember. One Continent that offers you lots of reasons to visit is Africa. The Continent is diverse in culture, attractions and even the animals. All of these things make Africa a place to put on your to do list.

If you are planning a vacation and are looking for ideas then these may help you decide. Here are 20 reasons to visit Africa.

1. Animal Migration, Tanzania

If you love animals and don’t mind seeing one of the largest migrations on Earth, then Tanzania is the place to be. Many herds of animals migrate yearly based on the weather and where the best food is located. This annual occurrence showcases hundreds of thousands of animals of varying species on a trek to find food and water.

2. See Mountain Gorillas, Rwanda

Mountain Gorillas are considered an endangered species due to poaching and other concerns. You can still see these beastly looking apes in the wild but it has a price tag. Many people make the journey every year to see these majestic looking creatures. Could seeing the gorillas be on your wish list?

3. See Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls on the planet. It borders between the two African Countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The falls are very popular with locals and tourists. Many locals fish close to the edge of the falls in some areas and other areas are great for a dip but under guidance.

4. Visit The Pyramids, Egypt

The pyramids of Egypt are like no other. The closest architectural wonder to them are the pyramids of the Incas but they don’t look the same. The pyramids of Egypt have a long history that dates back to Biblical times before the birth of Jesus Christ. This is where many of the Pharaohs of old would have been buried.

5. See The Rhinos, Kenya

Rhinos are a very endangered species with great efforts underway to save them and increase their numbers. One of the few places in Africa you can see rhinos is Kenya. If you would love to see the rhinos then Kenya should be on your list of places to visit.

6. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

One of the most popular mountains in Africa and the World is Kilimanjaro. It is the tallest mountain in Africa and many people make the trek up its side. The mountain is a mixture of barren land close to and around its peak and lush vegetation at its base.

7. Visit Lekki Conservation, Nigeria

Nigeria offers visitors and locals the opportunity to enjoy lush vegetation in comfort. You can trek through this dense looking forest by walking above the ground on a wooden bridge. The bridge takes you through out the scenic area as it makes its way deep into the canopy.

8. Nzulezo, Ghana

Nzulezo is a small village of individuals who have their houses on the water. The houses are built on stilts in Lake Tandane on the western side of Ghana. Nzulezo could be considered the Venice of Africa.

9. Cape Verde Archipelago, Cape Verde

A visit to Cape Verde along the Archipelago may leave you wondering if you are in Africa. The reason may be the mixed culture found in the area. The 10 islands in the area have been influenced by African, Brazilian and Iberian cultures. During the months of February and March they hold their annual festival.

10. Lake Retba, Senegal

If you have never been to Senegal maybe Lake Retba can inspire you to go there. You will be thrilled to travel on a lake that looks pink due to the bacteria that thrives in the water. You may very well feel you are on a lake of paint or pink kool-aid. During November to June the lake is at its pinkest.

11. Market of Djmaa el Fna, Morocco

Market of Djmaa el Fna is considered the most exciting market to visit on earth. At night it comes alive with music while you shop and take in the scenery. This market is known for being busy very late in the night.

12. Sahara Dunes, Morocco

If you love seeing sandy deserts then the dunes of the Sahara might be your place of choice. It is known for its high sand dunes and being a great location for star gazing at night. The desert is used for Marathon des Sables, an event that last a week.

13. Salt Lake, Botswana

Makgadikgadi Pans is a salt lake in Botswana that is popular with visitors. You can drive or even horse back ride on this lake of salt. People are known to set up apparatus to have dinner to create a romantic outing. Using the lake for romantic getaways isn’t uncommon.

14. See The Draa Valley, Morocco

A trip to the Draa Valley would be an adventurer’s dream. The valley gives the experience of two worlds meeting. The mountainous area is barren, but just to the base of the mountain range is lush vegetation and water. A trip to the Draa Valley will prove rewarding it is definitely a place of adventure.

15. Enjoy Mount Mulanje, Malawi

Mount Mulanje is part of a park in the Country of Malawi. This place is exceptional for hikes and bird watching. The base of the mountain has a very beautiful landscape. You may notice hares, monkeys along with other animals along the trail. Butterflies are another known attraction as you trek along the area.

16. Safari Ride, Kenya

One of the best ways to see the Safari is by horse back. This allows you to see zebras and get close to them as they trot along the grassy plains. The Safari is known for it diversity of animals but if you want to get close to Zebras then horseback riding is the way.

17. Experience The River Nile, Egypt

The River Nile takes its place in history as one of the most iconic rivers in Africa and the world. Its history dates back to thousands of years when the Egyptians sailed its waters. A trip down the Nile reveals the beauty that surrounds the length of this great river. The Nile is the longest river on earth.

18. Flamingos Close Up, Kenya

Flamingos are beautiful birds and tend o flock together in the thousands. The best place in Africa to see this first hand is on Lake Nakurur in Kenya’s National Park. The flamingos display a beautiful pink color of vast beauty when they packed close together.

19. See Elephants, Zambia

Zambesi is the place to visit in Zambia if you want a surety of seeing elephants. You will also see other animals like hippos drinking water. There is also a place to for persons to rest or fish if they so desire.

20. See Giraffes, Botswana

Botswana is where you would probably see the most densely populated herds of giraffes. If you take a trip to Nxia Pan National Park you will see a very large amount of giraffes combing the land. Giraffes survive well here due to the many trees and lush grass. These animals are well known to defend themselves against lions and other predators.