5 Best Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality headsets have taken over the world of gaming. It is the preferred choice of most people nowadays. The simplicity of having a game in one easy set up is both practical and convenient. Another thing that has game lovers drawn to these head pieces is how realistic the games look and the experience enjoyed. There are quite a few headsets on the market now, with many vying for the top position. Here are the 6 best Virtual reality headsets available.

1.Oculus Quest

The all in one gaming system doesn’t require any wires to connect it to a secondary device. Ocolus Quest consists of a headset and two controls for both hands. It offers the best gaming experience you could ask for, with the best in virtual reality.

2.Oculus Rift

Facebook ranks one and two with its top quality virtual gaming head pieces. The Oculus Rift ranks number two, being out ranked by the Oculus Quest. Unlike the Quest the rift is powered by the PC, but offers the same dynamic gaming experience.

3.PlayStation VR

This gadget is designed to work with your PlayStation and is developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The headset is compatible with the PlayStation 4 so the older models will not work with the device. Play all your games and do whatever you are used to doing with your PlayStation using the VR.

4.Oculus Go

You should have realized by now that Facebook does offer the best virtual reality headsets on the market. The Oculus Go is the third best model from the Oculus group of VRs and is a standalone model that offers quality when playing games or watching videos.

5.HTC Vive

The HTC Vive is a headset that works with your PC. It is a virtual reality headset that has wireless controllers and a camera. There is also a standalone model that requires no wires. It has no built in audio and requires a lot of storage space to run its programs. It has room tracking capability.