8 Best Board Games For Family Time

Family and friends coming together has always been a great social pass time. Money come together to have food and enjoy each other’s company and games are usually a part of the entertainment. When it comes to being entertain playing games is easy and sociable. Playing board games is one such way to entertain and have fun together which is a healthy way for any family to live. I have compiled a list of 8 of the best board games you can play, take a look.


Monopoly has been a classic for decades, but in recent years has evolved as game of more options. You can still play the classic way or try the new ways the game can be played. Owning property and receiving rent is the aim of the game. Suitable for 2 to 6 players and should be 8 years and up preferably.


If you love strategy but also chance then this game is right up your ally. It allows 2 to 12 players at any given time. You should be 7 years or older to play this game. The games includes cards and chips to play.


Scrabble is a very popular game among those who have great vocabulary and know tons of words.The game is one of having an elite mind and chance, since you still need the right letters for a good score. The game works best with 2 to 4 players.


Codename is a game for those who have a smart mind, its a spy game. Players have to guess each other’s secret identity based the clues given in a word. Players should be 14 years and above, plays 2 to 8 players.


Panademic is a game of saving the planet from a deadly disease. Players choose from various choices like doctor, soldier or even a scientist. Plays 2 to 4 and is for teenagers and older.


Catan is a game of trading, building then settling into your new home. This game has won the “Game of the Century” award. The game can take 2 to 6 players and is suitable for ages 6 years and up.


Clue is a game about detective work and is related to an actual show on television. The game plays 2 to 6 players and should be 6 years and older.


Trouble board game is about pressing the bubble in the middle and moving according o the number. It is a game of chance where the winner is the person home first. It is suitable for ages 5 years and up, great for the children.