8 Online Scams That Could Possibly Trick Most People

Getting scammed online is nothing new but yet many individuals are tricked regularly. The desire to get rich quick or even to be your own boss doesn’t help the situation. Scammers know this and concoct many ideas to try to trick and rob people. If you are someone with financial difficulties looking for a way out only makes it easier for you to be scammed. Here are 8 online scams to be aware of.

1.Online Purchases

Online purchases is the most likely way a person can be scammed. These days a large majority of the population make purchases online, many even pay their bills online. Scammers know this and have develop ways to get your information via card payments or bank accounts.

2.Tech Support

You may be surprised to know that a lot of people have devices but aren’t tech savvy and therefore will need help at some point. Technology is very advanced and those skillful in technology can infiltrate your device. They usually use pop ups, ads and other means to scare you into getting help.


What makes employment such a big deal is the need to work and support yourself. Scammers know there will always be persons looking for work and they seek to take advantage of this. Persons usually pose as employers or as someone who is able to connect you with an employer, but its just a ploy.

4.Checks or Money Orders

Anytime you find yourself receiving a check or money order you nothing about, should question it. The main way of scamming is being asked to return a portion of the money, that is if the bank doesn’t realize the check is fake.

5.Sweepstakes And Lotteries

Sweepstakes and lotteries are a common problem for many individuals. Some may say they would never fall for this but people do regularly. Many times scammers claim you have won money for something you never entered in the first place. This is usually the first sign of a scam.

6.Fake Debt Collection

With so many people in debt it isn’t any surprise that scammers would try to defraud persons by using debt collection. The safest way to stop yourself from being defrauded to is to contact those you owe yourself and nit rely on any information given by those claiming to be debt collectors.


Scammers pose as reputable companies with the intent of taking your money. Some may pose as substantial businesses like bankers or even mortgage companies. The best way to avoid being defrauded is to contact the company to see if the person is legit.

8.Tax Collection

Tax collection happens every year which means that scammers are always trying to trick people with tax returns. Despite being a popular trick of scammers it hasn’t seen as much success as other scams. Some scammers use scare tactics to receive money from those targeted.