11 Weirdest Attractions Out In Nowhere

I am sure there are lots of attractions around the World that look silly or downright weird. However these attractions go a step further as they are found out in nowhere. There aren’t close to anything, so they make for an adventure. The proximity is far reaching for anyone who would be interested in seeing these places. Here are the 11 weirdest attractions I am talking about!

11.Salvation Mountain, California

The artistry was created by Leonard Knight who said it is a gift to the World. The artist also said it was a tribute to God and is located in a desert.

10.Uros Floating Islands, Peru

The islands are created by the Uros people and was practiced for hundreds of years. The islands are located in Lake Titicaca and is a way of life for these people.

9.Mystic Hot Springs, Utah

If you happened to be walking along Monroe in Utah and come across bath tubs snugged into rock I am sure you would be alarmed. The tubs belong to a resort in the area and water from a hot spring flow into the tubs.

8.Airstream Ranch, Florida

What could be weirder than seeing old Airstream campers stuck in the ground with their backs in the air? Well that is what you will find if you visit Dover, Florida.

7.Fly Geyser, Nevada

This odd looking formation of rock and moss is a geyser. The geyser was made accidentally when a well was dug in the area. The shape of the geyser is due to the earth deposits forcing their way to the surface.

6.Igloo City, Alaska

Alaska is well known for its igloos, but not on such a large scale. It is actually a concrete structure that was designed to look like an igloo. If you travel on the remote highway passing through Cantwell, Alaska you can’t miss it.

5.Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

A trip through Gansu, China will leave you breathless as you see the various colors and hues from th earth. It does look weird to see the soil look the way it does but it is also very beautiful.

4.Lake Hillier, Australia

Australia has one of the few pink lakes that are on the earth. What is also unique about this one is the proximity to the sea, it is very close. It is believed that a special type of algae is responsible for giving the lake its color.

3.Dragon’s Blood Trees, Yemen

These trees are definitely one of kind, it is unlikely that any other tree has this type of appearance. The trees are very popular because of their unusual look. It is said they grow very slowly and can survive in a harsh environment.

2.Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

If you ever travel to Quang Binh province then you need to see Son Doong Cave. It is surreal, the cave has its own river and jungle and is quite popular with locals. How many caves can boast of an underground forest?

1.Lake Baikal, Russia

If you love ice blocks then maybe you would be interested in huge ice blocks. That is what you will surely find if you visit Lake Baikal in Russia. The weather creates some huge ice blocks that have the ability to supply one fifth of the planet’s water needs.