Energy is very important to anyone’s well being, without it no one could possibly complete the tedious tasks they may encounter on a daily basis. Furthermore it requires energy for your brain to work effectively, so lots of energy and stamina is important to one’s livelihood.

The foods we eat provide us with the energy we need, but some foods do a way better job than others. With this in mind it is important to be sure the foods eaten can provide you with the energy you will need, not from empty calories but from real food, that is nutritious and healthy for every one of us. Let us take a look at 20 of these foods, maybe some of your favorites are on this list.


Water will naturally give you energy and it will also hydrate your body. The mere fact of your body consisting mostly of water is sufficient to prove its necessity to the body. Even if you have lots of energy and the body registers water loss it will affect how you perform.


Bananas are one of the most popular fruits eaten the World over. It is full of potassium and other nutrients. The natural sugars in this fruit will give you a great boost. The potassium helps the body to recover quickly after a vigorous workout. Having a banana available is a good idea as you can snack on it when you are ready. The riper the better!


Eggs are full of protein and other beneficial nutrients that can promote muscle growth and an overall healthy body. They will provide the body with energy that comes combined with much stamina as endurance is important. Sustained energy is of more benefit than a sudden rush of energy that fades after a short time.


Apples are considered a very popular addition to any fruit lover’s dish. There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. If that is true, could it be related to the apple’s ability to make a person’s energy level rise significantly? Either way, apples have are very good at increasing your energy levels naturally.


Quinoa has become a very popular staple food. Many persons serious about their health use this food on a regular basis. Maybe this is one of the reasons it has become so popular. It is ranked high on the list as an energy booster and can be combined with various foods to create a savory meal.


Welcome another energy booster and stamina maker in this berry. From a glance it certainly looks more like a very small oblong tomato than a berry, but don’t be fooled. These guys can pack a punch that will make you feel energized the whole day. A consistent addition to any eating plan is guaranteed to give results.


Oatmeal is considered a super food for various reasons. It is a very great energy maker but it is also really good when it comes to having a healthy heart. All the energy in the World and a heart that is unhealthy makes for a bad result. Oatmeal is definitely an energy maker you want on your diet.


Leafy greens earn their place in this list because of their enormous benefits. Greens especially the leaves are an excellent source of energy and are blood builders. You can develop many healthy attributes by using leafy greens without the concern of harming your body. However with even the best of foods, moderation is vital.


Beets have a beautiful color and are very good at building blood and providing lots of energy. Beets can be cooked, which can take a while or blended to make a nice refreshing drink. One negative about drinking beet juice is the earthy taste it has. Nevertheless beets are a very potent energy maker.


Nuts making the cut shouldn’t be a surprise as they are full of so much good fats. These fats can generate lots of energy throughout the body and are rich in protein. Rich based protein is considered better than meat related protein.


Beans are one of those foods that are cooked or can be eaten raw depending on the type of bean as there are many varieties. However, whether cooked or eaten raw, beans provide plenty of nutrients and energy. So bean lovers can enjoy themselves as the body develops quite a bit of energy.


Seeds are very similar to nuts in some ways. They are nutritious and have lots of healthy fats. Some are very good for the heart like flax seed for example. All of this added to its ability to boost the body’s energy level makes it a very good addition to one’s diet program.


Strawberries are delicious and eaten in so many ways. These beauties aren’t just to tantalize the taste buds. Energy maker is also a title these popular fruit can claim, so they give you a boost while pleasing your senses. If you are not eating a decent amount of this fruit, this could be a reason to do so.


Here comes another energy maker and protein builder. Lentils also help when it comes to easy bowel movements. The combinations of these three things are a plus since you will be healthy and energetic.


For those who thought oranges were just a great source of Vitamin C, think again. Eating a reasonable amount of these tasty fruits will give you quite a kick of energy. They may not be the number one pick as an energy source but they can hold their own.


Avocados are so good and have one of the healthiest fats you can ever eat. It is so wonderful to know that of all the attributes given to the avocado, energy maker joins the list. With the avocado taste meets the potency of creating endurance.


atty fish can provide plenty of energy and be good for the heart. A very good example of a fatty fish would be salmon, pink salmon at that. You may notice it is the only meat mentioned in this list and that is due to its ability to give you lots of stamina and a quick pick me up.


Sweet potatoes are yummy and have lots of starch. They pack a big punch in the energy category. Can it get much better than eating some nice potatoes and building up your energy reserves? Not to mention that they also help with endurance as they provide plenty of stamina.


It is awesome to know that staple foods can offer a lot of energy too. Brown rice is one such food that can accomplish that feat. It can offer a significant amount of energy if eaten on a well maintained eating plan. Without a doubt this food can provide that pick me up you need.


Mangoes are loved by so many people. This fruit is so delicious and has in a lot of sugar. These sugars are natural and can give you enormous amounts of energy. They come in so many types and tastes do vary but all offer the energy you need. Mangoes are known for building lots of blood as well.

These are just a few of the foods that can give you lots of energy. They are the main contributors but are not limited to being the only ones that can help you feel energetic. One thing is vital when choosing foods to help you gain a higher energy level and that is all things in moderation!