20 Must Have Things for Your Next Road Trip

Planning a road trip can be exciting and fun but it also requires quite a bit of work before it is time to load up the car and head out. You have to plan an itinerary including all the stops you plan to make, look for possible overnight accommodation, create a list of sites you definitely have to see and decide on what you want to take with you. You don’t want to be miles away from home only to realize you have forgotten something of great importance. You want to make sure that you have things that will keep you and your companions safe, comfortable and entertained.

While you may not need a lot to make your trip a success, there are quite a few gadgets and essentials that will make it more pleasant. Here is a list of 20 Must-Haves for your next road trip.
Snacks and Hygiene

Snacks and Hygiene

1.Boxed.com is the perfect one-stop shop for specially selected bulk items that are sure to make your road trip that much more enjoyable. Items range from Coppertone sunscreen, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to Fruit Roll-Us and snack-size packs of Pringles. This website makes it so easy to get your travel essentials with just one click of the mouse.

2.Busy Beauty provides gigantic body wipes which are perfect for times when you can’t take a shower. They are much larger than baby wipes and make washing up a breeze. They don’t leave you smelling like an infant either which is a definite plus.

3.Spills are kind of inevitable when you’re on a long road trip but CVS has the perfect remedy for that. Stop by and pick up a few Ultra Soft Cleansing Wipes to deal with the mess. The fact that they are disposable just makes them that more appealing.

4.To be honest, Amazon.com is probably the go-to online shop for most people and rightfully so. Its disposable toilet seat covers are great for avoiding germs and staying clean during restroom breaks at gas stations, port-a-potties and campgrounds.

Technology and Safety

5.There’s nothing worse than to have a roadside emergency in pitch black darkness. Goal Zero’s Torch 250 Flashlight would come in handy in such situations. It is a reliable LED light with a built-in USB charging cable. Additional features include a USB port for charging your phone, a solar panel and many more. With its bright and semi-bright modes, you are able to conserve power when necessary and there are three ways to recharge it: by using the solar panel, through USB or by using a hand crank.

6. Another downer is to lose all charge in your electronics when on a long haul. Limited to no access to your phone, tablet, camera or laptop can really put a damper on your road trip. Goal Zero’s Sherpa 100AC is a portable power bank will come to your rescue. Its lightweight design features wireless charging, an interactive OLED display, two high-speed power delivery ports and four cables included in the price.

7. No one wants to experience a flat tire while on the road for any amount of time but to have one while on a long road trip and you are pressed for time makes the experience even worse. A portable tire inflator is just the gadget for times like this. Perfect for slow leaks, the AUTLEAD tire inflator comes compact, allowing it to fit in easily with any luggage you are taking. Included is a 10-foot-long power cord and a 3.28-foot-long air hose. It comes programmed to stop automatically once it reaches the preset tire pressure in addition to a two-year warranty.

8. AUTOGEN’s jumper cables are also a must have when traveling on the road. They don’t take up a lot of space in your trunk and you will definitely be grateful for them in the effect your battery dies on the road.

Packing Essentials

9. In need of a compact luggage option to fit into a tight space? Consider investing in an Oliver Thomas duffel bag such as Wanderlust Weekender Duffel. This water-resistant, machine washable bag costs $150 but you won’t regret the investment. It comes in a five options to choose from.

10. Bringing cold drinks on your road trip has never been easier. The Clevermade Backpack Cooler is leak-free, with a padded back and shoulder straps. Holding up to 24 cans and ice in its organizer pockets, this cooler pack is ideal for the summer heat and any road trippers with a love for exploration.

11. Packing can be a mundane task and there’s nothing worse than being away from home and unable to find what you are looking for in your piles and piles of luggage. Packing cubes from eBags.com are helpful in that they allow you to separate your items into individual cubes which then fit neatly into your luggage or car trunk. They come in a variety of colors as well as a lifetime warranty.

12. Another handy item is a car back seat organizer. When traveling with children it is ideal to have all their essentials within reach at all times as it isn’t time effective to have to stop constantly at their every whim. Attached to the back of the driver’s or passenger side seat, this seatback organizer from Amazon.com comes with suitable storage compartments, a place to put a tablet and plenty of other nooks for stashing essential items.

Comfort Items

13. Cold nights are a thing of the pass with the Stalwart electric car blanket. Not only does it take up minimal space, it is lightweight and will plug into any vehicle using a 96-inch-long cord. This will allow you to stay warm on the road no matter how cold it gets.

14. Adequately deemed “pajamas for your ears”, SleepPhones are soft headband headphones that fit around your head, allowing you to listen to music, audiobooks, meditation, white noise or talk radio without discomfort. They come with expert padding which makes them more comfortable for long-term wear than earbuds. Go on over to SleepPhones.com to choose between the classic version or a wireless version.

15. Neck and shoulder pain are inevitable side effects of traveling for considerable hours in any vehicle. The ergonomic travel pillow from High Sierra is perfect for persons needing additional neck and shoulder support when traveling. With supportive memory foam, a front clasp to ensure it stays in place and a washable removable cover, this pillow is a great choice.

16. SkyGenius offers a battery-operated mini fan which will help when temperatures are hot. Ideal for car journeys and camping, this fan comes with a rechargeable and replaceable battery; perfect for long-term usage.

For Kids

17. Traveling with young kids? Cubcoats may come in quite handy for your journey. These two-in-one stuffed animals transform into hoodies. One minute your little one could be cuddling with his or her furry friend and the next, wearing it as a soft, zip-up sweat shirt. These items come in a variety of options ranging from pandas and unicorns to favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader, Black Panther and Spider-Man.

18. BubbleBum.com has made traveling with kids so much easier for parents, especially if you have to fly to another destination to pick up a rental car. Inflatable car booster seats can be found on the company website or on Amazon.com and are suitable for children ages of 4 and 11 years who weigh between 40 and 100 pounds.

19. Any parent knows that bumps and scrapes are all a part of having kids and are expected when traveling. Visit GetWelly.com to purchase first aid kits, adhesive bandage packs, essential ointments and creams, and ready-to-go travel kits. Packed in tin cans, these kits are able to withstand the elements and the ruggedness of travel.

20. Want to make your kid’s journey even more fun and interactive? Give your child a kid’s travel journal and encourage them to document their road trip. What did they see? Where did they stop? What did they do? It is both a fun and educational activity.