23 Of The Most Dog Friendly States In America

The U.S.A. has plenty of pet lovers throughout the Country. Many people even have multiple pets in their homes. Some of these animals may travel with their owner on a daily basis or at various times depending on where they are going. Whatever the case pet lovers usually want their pets to accompany them most of the time. Most places accommodate dogs in particular. 

Businesses and sometimes the law take this practice into consideration and seek to make it a possibility. Everyone may not be on board but many are which means that anyone who wants to take their dog with them should be aware of where they may or may not take their pet.

Listed below are the top 23 States that try to accommodate dogs in business places and otherwise.


Ranking number 1 is the State of Oregon. This State takes the lead despite not having the most hotels or restaurants. It boasts over 3000 hotels and close to 1300 restaurants. You will find over 280 dog friendly places of activity as well.These places are ranked not only by amount of hotels, restaurants or dog parks, but also by overall acceptance in general. Knowing that your dog is taken into consideration by many businesses is a welcomed thought and should make time spent with your pet away from home easier.


The State of Colorado ranks high at the number 2. This is due to the 2900 plus hotels and over 1500 restaurants available for you and your dog. Accessible are 300 plus parks with trails and other activities for your dog to enjoy. 


Heading over to the Eastern seaboard we find the State of Maine. Ranking at number 3, you will find almost 1900 hotels and over 400 restaurants. You can also check the 150 plus places your dog can have a grand time outdoors.


Heading to the Western part of the U.S.A. you will find many exceptional places for your dog. California ranks at number 4 because it has over 11000 hotels and 7800 restaurants that cater to your dog’s needs. The places for dog activities seem endless with over 1440 plus dog parks.


Heading up North of the continent the reality is similar for dog lovers. Holding the top 5 is the State of Washington. You can find over 2500 hotels and 1200 restaurants. Take your pet out and about by visiting the 430 or so parks available.


Heading down South means an even better reception for dog lovers and their pets. You can find over 800 hotels and 700 restaurants that accommodate your pets. You can also find about 80 places where your dog can enjoy itself. Louisiana ranks number 6 on this list for being dog friendly.


Virginia ranks number 7 on this list of dog friendly States in the U.S. You will find over 2100 hotels and 1700 restaurants. You can find hotels that charge nothing extra for pets. There are over 270 places your dog can go for enjoyment outdoors.


Standing strong at number 8 is the State of Rhode Island. At present there are 270 plus hotels, which may seem low but here is the catch; you can bring your dog for free. You can enjoy over 230 restaurants and close to 50 dog parks.


Texas ranks at number 9 as one of the friendliest dog loving States. Here you will find over 5500 hotels and 4300 plus restaurants. Want to take your dog for an outdoor experience? Then choose from the 460 plus dog parks available.


Breaking the top 10 is the State of New Hampshire with over 950 plus hotels that will accommodate your dog. There are over 230 restaurants and 140 dog parks to make life for your dog in this State enjoyable. There are very few limitations regarding the type of dog you can own here.


The popular State of Nevada ranks number 10 and are surprisingly high on this list. What makes this State hold such a position is due to having over 570 plus hotels available for dogs. Your pet is treated well and has a space prepared for it. Your dog can stay in some popular hotels on the strip. Enjoy over 390 plus restaurants and close to 100 dog parks.


Illinois ranks number 12 and has the ability to hold its own on being a very dog friendly State. It has over 1600 hotels and 2000 plus restaurants to choose from. Dog lovers can also enjoy visiting any of the 400 plus parks in Illinois.


Massachusetts comes in at number 13 with plenty of opportunities for your pets. You can find close to 2200 hotels and over 1000 restaurants that are dog friendly. There are over 390 dog parks that will make your dog excited.


The State of Indiana has dog lovers at heart too. They join the list at number 14 with close to 900 hotels. This number may seem low to others but it has a great price for bringing your dog along. You will find close to 900 restaurants as well. Don’t be deterred by the numbers, check out the 180 plus dog parks too and have a blast with your pet.


The sunny State joins the list at number 15 with quite a lot to offer dog lovers. You can find over 7200 hotels and 6100 restaurants. If you want somewhere to take your dog then choose from the 730 plus parks available.


Holding firm at number 16 is the State of Tennessee. For dog lovers you can choose from over 1500 hotels and 1270 restaurants. Thinking of activities for your lovable pet then the over 270 dog parks may be what you need.


Tennessee offers close to 2100 hotels and over 1200 restaurants for your dog to accompany you. You can treat your dog to a number of outdoor activities by taking them to one of the 150 plus parks or to multiple spots.


Delaware joins the list at number 18 with over 200 hotels that are pet friendly; the difference is the amount you pay for your dog. The restaurants available are about 170 which may seem less than some others but various factors come into play. You can choose from about 49 dog parks for activities that keep your dog active.


The State of Vermont ranks number 19 on the list of most dog friendly States in America. This is due to having over 1200 hotels and about 190 restaurants. Vermont has just fewer than 50 places that you can take your dog for activities outdoor.


Arizona has lots of places you can take your dog outdoors, but it also has many places where there the population is more prevalent. Ranking at number 20, you will find almost 2000 hotels and over 1200 restaurants. When it comes to dog parks, you can choose from 270 plus areas.


Number 21 belongs to the State of Minnesota and animal lovers should be pleased. With over 1200 hotels for dogs and 1000 restaurants you have plenty places to choose from. Taking your dog for outdoor activities is easy as over 290 dog parks are available.


Taking the number 22 spot is the State of Michigan and the stats will show why. It has over 2000 dog friendly hotels and 1100 restaurants. You have a choice of more than 400 dog parks, quite a lot of places to choose from.


Ranking at number 23 is West Virginia with over 500 pet friendly hotels and more than 100 restaurants. You will also find over 60 parks where you can take your dog for fun. Sound like West Virginia is well on its way to becoming one the best sought after pet friendly States.