5 New Anticipated Products From Apple

Apple is well known for its top of the line electronic products. The brand has produced some of the most complicated phones, tablets and other devices. It is known for its quality but also its prices, however price hasn’t change Apple from being one of the most requested brands. Now the popular brand is about to release some new products that are sure to be a buyer’s delight. Here are the 5 devices to look out for.

5.iPad Pro Models

The iPad has been around for a long time and has gone through many changes. The device has seen cosmetic changes and increase in power and storage. Now the iPad could possibly see some changes to its appearance and software, but don’t take our word for it. Look out for these popular brands and see whats up!

4.Apple TV Plus

Apple TV is nothing new but its plus version is and will be available with more than the original. You are promised even more than you were getting before and anyone who buys certain Apple products will get it free for 1 year. The subscription will be $5 monthly.

3.Mac Pro

The latest Mac Pro from Apple will feature a new look and a different build. The changes are the first for the last 6 years and will come with the option to upgrade. It is expected to cost around $6000 for the base model.


Apple’s wireless earphones have gained popularity. The ability to enjoy the same options with the stress of wires around your body is a plus. The AirPods will be waterproof and also come with a noise cancellation option.

1.Mac Pro Laptop

Apple had made a Mac Pro laptop with a 17 inch screen back in 2011. Now it will be bringing out a 16 inch screen model in 2019. It is believed that a slimmer frame around the screen allows Apple to have a bigger screen despite the laptop’s size.