7 Best Affordable Drones With Cameras

Drones are a great technological breakthrough. Since drones came on the scene there have been good and bad responses from the public about their use. It is true that some people use them in a negative way that has caused an outcry from many persons. Some Countries have even banned the use of drones in their land. However drones have helped with monitoring some weather activities as storm chasers were able to record tornadoes. Many Vloggers have been able to make videos of some beautiful scenery all over the World. Here are the best cheap drones currently available for sale.

1.Simrex X300C

The Simrex X300C comes in as the cheapest choice and is small enough to fit in your hand. The camera is 720p resolution and does video and also takes photos. It has 3 different speed choices and works with a controller that connects to a smartphone. The battery last about 10 minutes on full charge, you can buy one for about $40.00.

2.Dbpower X400W

For about $50.00 you can get your own Dbpower X400W drone. The drone has multiple technological capabilities that makes it a breeze to fly. The camera has 720p resolution and can do videos. The controller is linked to your phone via an app so you can see live video. The rechargeable battery will fly 9 minutes on a full charge.

3.Eachine E58

The Eachine E58 has a camera with a wide lens and has the standard 720p resolution capability. It will cost you about $85.00 to own one of these drones. Other features include 12 minute flight time and an option to use a VR headset. The Eachine E58 can do flips of 360 degrees with just a push of a button.

4.DJI Tello

The DJI Tello drone is for anyone looking for a drone with a camera mounted on the body. It comes equipped with electronic image stabilization, collision detection and the camera is 720p resolution. It has automatic liftoff and landing. The battery last about 10 minutes on full charge, you can buy one for about $99.00.

5.Holy Stone HS120D

For $150.00 you can own your own Holy Stone drone. At this price features include a 1080p resolution camera that has a wide angle. The drone can fly for 16 minutes on a full charge and has a safety mechanism to return the drone to its take off position when the battery charge goes low. The safety mechanism will do the same if the drone loses signal with the controller.

6.Force1 F100G

The Force1 F100G drone is capable of flying up to 500 meters from the controller and has a flight time of 15 minutes. It has a 1080p resolution camera which is detachable, so you can replace it with something else if you so desire. It has built in LED lights for night flying and costs about $160.00.

7.Simtoo Moment

The Simtoo Moment drone costs about $200.00 and the camera can do 4K videos and high resolution images. The camera has a few options if you so desire a different experience and flies for about 15 minutes full charge. This drone is known for it quality videos and images while in flight, not bad for the price.