8 Best Exercises That Anyone Can Do To Stay In Shape

We know regular exercise is good for improving health. But with a lot of options and boundless information available, it is easy to get dazed with what works. Nonetheless, there is nothing to worry about. Take a look at these 8 exercises you can do to stay in shape.

1. Stair Stepping

This is a great workout anyone can do to keep fit. It doesn’t matter if you don’t possess a set of stairs. Get a big book or a robust chair, put it in front of your TV, step up and down as you watch your favorite Tv show. You’re likely not going to sweat profusely as you might with a jump rope, but you’ll be keeping your body healthy and active.

2. The Plank

This form of exercise helps you to build your core muscles, Move into a push-up posture, but instead of twisting your arms and going down on the floor, you’ll hold the stance with your arms stretched. Start off by holding the posture for about 30 seconds, and add an extra 10 seconds daily. See how long you can last – it’s certainly not easy! This’s one of the most puzzling exercises, nonetheless, it’s crucial for your well being.

3. Dancing

Dancing is an outstanding form of exercise which helps to burn calories and gets your heart pumping fast as you move up and down. 

4. Lunges

This is an amazing workout session for your legs. Once done correctly, you’ll feel an intense burn in your legs with this exercise. A lunge is a leg bodyweight workout session that works your glutes, hips, hamstrings and the hard-to-reach inner thigh muscles. With Lunges, you can develop lower-body endurance and strength, unlike squats, they’re highly operational at evening out muscle discrepancies.

5. Squats 

Squats will increase the core strength in your lower body, as well as the flexibility in your hips and lower back. This is because it involves some of the major muscles in your body. It also packs a major punch regarding calories burned. 

6. Overhead dumbbell presses

Complex exercises, which make use of multiple muscles and joints are impeccable for busy bees as they cater to numerous parts of your body at a time. A standing overhead dumbbell press isn’t just one of the best workout for your shoulders, it also involves your upper back and core too.

7.  High Knees

Running is another form of staying in shape and keeping fit. By running, you will be able to keep your boy active. Running gets your heart pumping especially if you do it double time which in turn helps to burn calories. To do this workout, run a short distance or down a hall, and ensure your knees are as high as possible.

8. Single-leg deadlifts

Here is another exercise that tests your balance. Single-leg deadlifts involve leg strength and stability. Get light to moderate dumbbell to accomplish this task.


These essential exercises will do a lot of good in your body and help you stay fit. However, If you notice that you’re breezing through and hardly breaking a sweat, concentrate on progressive overload by ensuring that each move more challenging by adding more sets and reps to your workout.