9 Excellent Health Benefits Of Using Saffron

Saffron is a spice taken from the flower of the saffron crocus plant. The thread like part of the plant is collected and dried to get the color and flavor. It is used as a dying agent and a seasoning but can be used in other ways. Saffron is usually sold by weight and is the most expensive spice that you can purchase. Most of all the spice is really good for you and has numerous health benefits. Here are 9 ways Saffron can help your body.


Your body needs lots of antioxidants to help get rid of oxidization in the cells. The reddish color of saffron is what produces the antioxidant.

2.Cancer Fighter

Cancer has long been the number one cause of illnesses related deaths. Furthermore there are various types of cancers making it a gruesome condition because of how it develops. However there are treatments for cancer especially if caught early. Saffron has properties that can help fight cancer, making it an excellent addition to any food plan.

3.Helps With Depression

Depression is considered a big problem and quite a number of people suffer from it. Saffron is considered the sunshine spice as there are claims it has properties that help to cheer you up. If you want a more natural way to overcome depression then saffron is your friend.

4.Aphrodisiacs Potential

Saffron is believed to have aphrodisiac elements which helps with libido. This is an issue that affect men as they begin to age and the spice is known to help with this condition.

5.Helps With PMS

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) affects women in many ways, it can be a terrible time for them. It causes physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms in females. Saffron is known to help with this condition reducing the effects that PMS can create.

6.Lower Blood Sugar

Saffron has the ability to lower blood sugar levels. Tests done on mice and other lab animals have shown that a steady use of saffron helps with the increase in insulin levels hence preventing diabetes.

7.Weight Loss

Losing weight naturally is a better way due to health complications. It has been proven that the use of saffron helps with weight loss and causes the appetite to decrease. A smaller appetite will help you to eat less hence losing weight.

8.Improve Eyesight

Everyone wants good eyesight and one of the best ways is to eat what can help and avoid anything that can damage your eyes. Consuming saffron is one way of assisting your eyes due to the ability to rid the body of free radicals.

9.Improve Memory

Alzheimer is a big problem for older people. It seems as though it is affecting individuals now at a younger age. There are many ideas out there on how to treat or prevent Alzheimer, using saffron is one way to help prevent it.