9 Items You May Be Wasting Money Purchasing

When it comes to finances many people make lots of mistakes and bad decisions. What we may consider as a necessity might not be that at all. It could very well be a want that eventually is no longer needed or just something that you can get some other way for cheap. A study that was recently carried out suggests that these 9 items aren’t necessary and are a waste of money.

9.Bottle Water

It is a common practice to see many people with a bottle of water in their hands. However based on the amount of water one should consume everyday it can add up quickly. It is cheaper to buy a filter for your pipe and a reusable bottle and go from there.

8.Unnecessary Shoes

Shoes are one of those items we can find ourselves buying lots of pairs just to know we have them. Yet we hardly wear most of them which means the shoes are just lying there getting old. Shoes have tendency to rot after a while especially if the conditions aren’t favorable. It is better to save the money than have all those shoes just sitting there.

7.Lottery Tickets

Yes there are individuals who have won the lottery but way more people lose than win. So many persons have spent thousands of their hard earned money trying to strike it rich. Many are disappointed and have wasted what may have been put to better use enriching their lives.

6.Oversize House

For many a huge house is a status quo but what really is the benefit of such a large house if only 2 or 3 persons spend their time in it? It is believed that such a big house is a waste of money and difficult to clean increasing the spend to keep it tidy. If a big house isn’t necessary then the advice is to buy a smaller place.


Not only can smoking leave you with a lot less cash it can also ruin your health. Thousands of individuals suffer the results of smoking especially those who smoke excessively. Think of how much money could be save by quitting smoking.

4.Theater Food

When you go to the cinema you can get hungry as some shows can play for a long time. However there are ways around the time schedule of watching shows at the theater. Some people have a hearty meal before going and then eat after they leave. This is one of the easiest ways to cut back on heavy spending while watching a show.

3.Famous Brands

Some brands are only better by name and not quality. You could save yourself lots of money by buying alternatives to some brand names and still enjoy what you purchase as though it was a big brand product. It all depends on what you are buying in comparison.

2.Lazy Entertainment

There is something called second rate entertainment that doesn’t do much for you when it comes to quality of life. These practices tend to make you lazy, unhealthy and fill your head with garbage. It is advised to find some outdoor activities and save the money spent on advertisements.


Coffee has become a big deal for many people. It is however an expensive addition as it has the tendency to make persons require more of it the more they drink. For those who think they should drink it, making your own is cheaper but trying an alternative is even better.